Constructive criticism for the Zodiac signs

Aries: You react way too quickly and you’re stubborn so you’re actually WRONG half the time and don’t even realize it…

Taurus: People aren’t comfortable being honest with you because you’re so snippy.  Then you get mad that people aren’t comfortable with you…

Gemini:  You’re smart but you overthink, jump to conclusions and yes, sometimes you’re wrong.  AND you’re apologies seem so insincere…

Cancer: Yeah the crying will get you sympathy but people get annoyed after the first time… A LOT of people don’t like the water works

Leo: You’re boisterous and it’s entertaining but you get so defensive and REACH to be offended by people sometimes..

Virgo: You’re also very smart… but only at structure, logic, practicality… you’re clever and witty  but you’re terrible at managing your emotions.. so stop calling emotional people DUMB/WEAK and start taking their advice..

Libra: You ARE different from everyone else… it’s cool to be unique but sometimes you take it too far and you weird people out..

Scorpio: You’re creative and a DO-er and that’s awesome. People can’t match your intensity and it shouldn’t piss you off so much.

Sagittarius: You should try harder to be the same person around everyone.  Maybe you should trust your friends who care about you more than your party friends

Capricorn: You are cold. You forget to appreciate what you have because you’re always looking for something better…

Aquarius:  If you don’t have an outlet to express yourself regularly, you’ll get all antsy and wanna fight or just be all angry…  I’m not talking about exercise I’m talking about artsy, feelsy stuff…

Pisces: You need to project confidence even though you’re an artist and you go through the emotional ups and downs.  You need to make plans and stick to them instead of drifting aimlessly hoping for SOMETHING to happen randomly…


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