Why you shouldn’t trust a Pisces

Pisces are known as the ultra sensitive, psychic water signs of the zodiac. Because of their trusting nature, they are prone to attracting people who take advantage of their kindness. Then they inevitably enter the good Pisces gone bad phase! Here’s why you shouldn’t trust a PISCES!

They’re empathic nature makes it easy for them to understand, mimic and manipulate your emotions.

If a Pisces doesn’t like you, they wont let you know. They’ll still be friendly when they’re not avoiding you. If they’re avoiding you it’s best not to expect much from Pisces.

If Pisces witnesses you lie, they will take it personally. A Pisces is a bit gullible and will blindly trust people they know so they can’t have deceptive people around them.

Pisces are extremely emotional if triggered. When a Pisces has had enough, the negative energy will make them lash out and go for the jugular.

Although Pisces is loyal to loved ones, if any sort of pressure is applied by authorities, a Pisces will name names.