How Citrine is healing to a depressed Pisces

Emotional Pisces sometimes will catch themselves in a funk. This is why Citrine is a great stone to have on standby. Pisces use citrine for meditation to aid in healing from depression and low self-esteem. Citrine helps revive confidence and motivation.


How Strawberry Quartz is healing to a Pisces

A Pisces will love the energy emitted from strawberry quartz because it stimulates the heart chakra. Overall feelings of wellness and love will amplify a Pisces creative mood with this stone.

How Amethyst affects a Pisces

A mystical Pisces will often possess amethyst at home for its spiritually enhancing benefits. Pisces are typically empaths that need grounding and psychic protection. Amethyst calms and stabilizes chaotic energy and improves concentration.

Best stones for Pisces: Unakite

A Pisces can appreciate a gemstone like Unakite for its spiritual benefits. Unakite helps sensitive Pisces who are trying to process past events by revealing the underlying issues.

5 Reasons Pisces women hate you

You’re a liar.

You’re too serious.

You don’t like animals.

You’re extremely vulgar

You are selfish

Best stones for Pisces: Rose Quartz

Hopeless romantic Pisces love peace and harmony and Rose quartz crystals attract just that! Rose quartz gemstones infuse the environment with love energy which encourages healing and resolution. This stone also promotes receptivity to beauty and art.

Why you shouldn’t trust a Pisces

Pisces are known as the ultra sensitive, psychic water signs of the zodiac. Because of their trusting nature, they are prone to attracting people who take advantage of their kindness. Then they inevitably enter the good Pisces gone bad phase! Here’s why you shouldn’t trust a PISCES!

They’re empathic nature makes it easy for them to understand, mimic and manipulate your emotions.

If a Pisces doesn’t like you, they wont let you know. They’ll still be friendly when they’re not avoiding you. If they’re avoiding you it’s best not to expect much from Pisces.

If Pisces witnesses you lie, they will take it personally. A Pisces is a bit gullible and will blindly trust people they know so they can’t have deceptive people around them.

Pisces are extremely emotional if triggered. When a Pisces has had enough, the negative energy will make them lash out and go for the jugular.

Although Pisces is loyal to loved ones, if any sort of pressure is applied by authorities, a Pisces will name names.


5 things most people don’t notice about Pisces| Pisces Perspective

So you’re curious about the zodiac sign, Pisces? I’m sure you’ve searched and stalked the internet for fun facts about these water-based fishies, but you’re about to read five interesting facts you’ve likely missed, about the fabulous Pisces!

  • Pisces have a weird thing with feet.  Whether they grossly reject the idea of touching feet or not, the reaction is always intense.  Some pisces become dancers and others become foot models! Pisces even may bring this foot-loving energy into the bedroom!

  • Most Pisces are empaths.  Pisces will go around people that make them feel good, and they will make themselves scarce around everyone else.  Empaths absorb the energies around them, so they would likely not be down to hang out in crowds with random people, as opposed to a small select few in a low-key environment.

  • Pisces are psychic and think everyone else is too!  One of the biggest problems I’ve noticed about pisces, is that they think that people operate like them.  Pisces are very thoughtful, and compassionate, and in most cases they’re empaths.  Pisces need to remember that the other signs are not as good at articulating, processing their feelings, if they even allow themselves to acknowledge them.


  • A Pisces doesn’t want to fight because they might really hurt you.  Pisces are the ones who cry from frustration that they can’t destroy their opponent…because of their conscience.   If a pisces who’s let their anger take over starts fighting, you better get OUTTA there and to some place safe.


Pisces usually have some form of anxiety.  This physical world is moving faster than a water pisces is able to process everything, it’s almost a given that pisces will have anxiety on some topics.   Pisces will go to extremes to protect their heart, so if you’re interested in one, you’re gonna have to show them you truly care about them!



Each Zodiac Sign as a child | Pisces Perspective



Another victim of an impatient fire sign!


Next level enthusiasm for food.


Cancers always have an upset stomach!


Geminis are greedy in their early years. #shade





Virgos always have some unnecessarily weird origin story.


Libras have experienced casual inconveniences from day one.


Really annoyed to be talked to like a child. Can’t wait until I evolve into my adult form.


Attention-seeker, confidence regardless of skill…  infinite energy, thee Sag.


The hustle begins early.  But the swag was a birth right.


Aquarius kids just smile and wanna sleep. #RinseandRepeat


Pisces understand animals best when they’re young.


Pet Peeves of Zodiac Signs | Pisces Perspective

Every zodiac sign out there has something that just– irks ’em.  Whether you’re an overly sensitive water sign or a impatient fire sign, you’re probably hypersensitive to at least one of life’s subtleties.
“I hate being told to hurry up and get ready only to arrive and wait.”
Virgo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Pisces

“I despise long-winded small talk with people I KNOW I’ll never see again.”
Aries, Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio

“I don’t like it when I’m at the store and the local school kids come in and get loud and turnt.”
Gemini, Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

When people leave their mouths open too much for ANY reason.  Ew.
Cancer, Leo, Pisces, Libra

When people tell me, “I can’t eat ALL of THAT food on my plate by myself.”
Taurus, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Libra