Annoying ways the Zodiac signs ruin conversations | Pisces Perspective

Aries: Bursts into a conversation halfway thru and obnoxiously asks questions that have already been answered.  Assumes A LOT of incorrect details.

Taurus: Asks, “who are you?” **when they fully know you from back in the day** Can’t avoid being petty and ruining the vibe of an otherwise normal conversation.

Cancer: Interrupts anyone to ask, “do you realize what you’re putting in your body?”  Cancers are always trying to impart health wisdom.

Gemini: Concludes someone’s story by saying, “yah, yah, I heard you just get over it!”

Leo: Changes the subject to something about THEMSELVES.  Watch them get hype.

Virgo:  randomly exits a conversation because their friend is losing the debate.  Does NOT interrupt at all.

Libra:  Inserts untrue statements that EVERYONE knows is a lie and doubles down on it when questioned.

Scorpio:  Turns everything into a sob story about them

Sagittarius: Gives you the motivational speech you never knew you needed… Often.

Capricorn:  Criticizes you and highlights the mediocrity of your existence.

Aquarius: I don’t believe anything unless I see it myself. Sorry.

Pisces: Laughs hysterically at your expense, apologizes but continues laughing



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