The Zodiac signs react to you bringing up their EXES | Pisces Perspective

Most breakups aren’t mutual and in some cases, one or more individuals are pissed off at the end.  I’m not saying there aren’t signs who break up in an amicable way, I’m just saying its not too often.
If you’re about to ask an emotional water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) about their ex, please don’t forget the Kleenex.  Earth signs tend to be a little more calm and cold about their exes as they  manage “the feels” better than the other signs.  Air signs will overthink the past and talk your ear off for hours, explaining what they were thinking.  Do YOU have that kinda time?  I don’t.  Fires signs will explode after a break up and then they will simply move on.  Bringing up a fire sign’s ex while the wound is fresh, is like removing X-Men’s Cyclops eye wear in mirror emporium. 
With all these factors in play, you might wanna think twice before you ask your friend about their ex!  Nevertheless, here’s how the Zodiac signs react to YOU bringing up their exes.

Aries: Pfft I’m OVER him.. But what’s he upto though? I don’t even care. 

Taurus: F**k that loser he’s obviously failing at life because I’m not in his.

Gemini: Ugh he was so long ago.  He’s a non-factor.  (secretly cries every night)

Cancer: Who?! I was doing FINE until you brought HIM up.  Thanks a lot. 

Leo: Who? Oh yeah, her.  I hope she’s happy..I’ve had like 3 serious relationships since.. I don’t care.

Virgo: Oh him, yeah I hope he’s doing alright… I’ve been so busy with work.

Libra:  I don’t care about this person.  I don’t know this person.  What’s for lunch?

Scorpio: If you bring this person up again, I will not be responsible for my actions…

Sagittarius: We just don’t talk anymore but I should give em a call for a quickie

Capricorn: Ugh what was I even thinking. I don’t respect that person at all.  I’m in a new place in life.

Aquarius:  No comment.

Pisces: Oh I’m over him… **breaks down and cries** I just miss him when I think about what we had… but UGH I hate him so much..but I want him back…



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